Earle - Deer Run Lodging

Deer Run MWR Recreational Lodging is located on WPNSTA Earle. Deer Run offers townhomes and is hotel style rooms. Open to active duty and Reservists as well as all other authorized patrons. Lodging facilities consist of ten townhomes and an additional 22 individual hotel style rooms. Reservations are handled through the MWR Recreational Lodging office in C-29. All the facilities require advance reservations and are open year round with no limit on the number of days a patron can stay. Rental rates are charged daily and monthly rates are not available. Deer Run lodging is conveniently located to a host of recreational, educational, entertaining, historic, and athletic activities. Cities within driving range are New York City, Atlantic City, Philadelphia, and New Jersey Revolutionary War and memorials. Public transportation is available to these locals from nearby train stations.

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